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3D WorldRunner: Nintendo NES

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Get ready for a unique and innovative classic! 3D WorldRunner is an early thrid person rail shooter and platformer for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). You play as WorldRunner. It is your duty to save several planets from a group of aliens known as Serpentbeasts and their leader Grax. There will be plenty of funny looking aliens getting in your way though so you will have to shoot them to clear your path. Be careful when jumping over massive gaps and be sure tomake it to each world's boss before time runs outor you're done for! There are columns throughout each level that if touched will drop power-ups for WorldRunner. There are various other items riddled throughout the worlds including Warp Balloons Super Stars and JuniorJumpers.One need only play the game for a few seconds to realize why this game is so notable. The graphics are stupendous for an 8-bit era game and the freedom players have to navigate each world is truly exceptional for a rail shooter. You cannot miss out on this gaming masterpieceProduct Item Type: Game

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