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Clu Clu Land: Nintendo NES
Clu Clu Land: Nintendo NES

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Clu Clu Land was one of the original launch titles when the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was first released in the United States and is a classic among puzzle genre video games. The treasures of Clu Clu Land have been stolen! You play as a cute little character named Bubbles. Bubbles has to uncover the treasure while avoiding sea monsters that are out to get her. Gold bars must be found in each stage by moving and using turning posts in order to change your direction. Gold bars will light up and become visible once theyve been found and usually form shapes. The level is over when youve found every gold bar. Prepare yourself for greater challenge as you progress: you may have to pass over gold bars twice in later stages in order for them to appear and passing over them may re-bury them! Bubbles can fight back against enemies using sound waves which stun them. She can then push them up against the wall to finish them once and for all. Be sure not to let enemies catch Bubbles steer clear from black holes and be sure to finish each level before time runs out or you may never regain Clu Clu Lands treasures!

Product Item Type: Game

Product Rating: E (Everyone)

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