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Code Name Viper: Nintendo NES
Code Name Viper: Nintendo NES

Price: $9.99
stock price: 4.99
stock price: 4.99
Product Publisher: Capcom
Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Product Code: 1057

Code Name: Viper is an action game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Developed by Capcom the studio that brought you Mega Man this game is a classic! You are Kenny Smith a Viper agent. You are tasked with destroying seven bases of a major South American drug syndicate. You'll have to battle wave after wave of cronies at each base and rescue hostages. Take too long and you'll only find their skeletal remains. Hostages are found behind secret revolving doors. Each base has a Viper agent in captivity that you must find in order to finish the level. You'll have to do some light platforming to get through each level and be sure to keep an eye out for ammunition because you definitely don't want to run out of bullets! Are you up for the challenge agent?

Product Item Type: Game

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