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Darius Twin: Super Nintendo SNES
Darius Twin: Super Nintendo SNES

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Product Publisher: Taito
Product Platform: Super Nintendo SNES

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Product Code: 1010

Darius Twin is a scrolling shooter for the Super Nintendo (SNES) similar to Gradius (NES) in gameplay. It is one of the many installments in the Darius series. Proco and Tiat escaped planet Darius after defeating Belser. Thousands of years later their descendants have to defend the planet Orga from Belser�s return! Certain enemies drop power-ups when destroyed which you will definitely need to collect in order to save Orga! Power-ups strengthen ship properties like lasers and shield. Upon clearing a level you�re given the choice of which level you will try to beat next. Choose wisely as picking certain levels will cut off access to others! This game has two-player coop so you�ll definitely want to invite over a friend and work together to bust up invaders. Do you have the nerve to take on a galactic invasion?

Product Item Type: Game

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