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  Donkey Kong Country 3: Super Nintendo SNES

Price: $49.99
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Product Publisher: Nintendo
Product Platform: Super Nintendo SNES

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Buy Donkey Kong Country 3 for Super Nintendo (SNES) and help Dixie Kong and her little ape cousin Kiddy Kong in their mission to save Dixie's boyfriend Diddy and his uncle Donkey Kong who have mysteriously been kidnapped! In Donkey Kong Country 3 you will need to journey across Mekanos and battle the Kremlings and their leader Baron K. Roolenstein in order to save your loved ones!>When you buy  Donkey Kong Country 3 you will need to track down enemies in possession of the DK coins in order to stay alive and compete your mission.>Donkey Kong and Diddy need you! Buy  Donkey Kong Country 3 for Super Nintendo (SNES) today and begin your long journey now!> Product Item Type: GameProduct Rating: E (Everyone)

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