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Faxanadu: Nintendo NES
Faxanadu: Nintendo NES

Price: $15.99
stock price: 7.99
stock price: 7.99
Product Publisher: JP
Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Product Code: 105

Are you ready for an epic and classic adventure? Faxanadu is an action RPG for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Youve returned home from a long journey only to find your village in shambles. A being called the Evil One has turned the dwarves into monsters plunging the world into complete chaos. It is up to you to save the elves that remain from the Evil One and his minions. You will not to uncover the magic sword of the Dwarf King if you hope to defeat the Evil One. Killed enemies drop gold and give experience points which lead to more magic and health. The game has no save feature so be sure to make note of passwords referred to as mantras so that you can continue from where you left off the next time you turn the game back on. Faxanadu is packed with action and challenge so if you love action RPGs then this is the game for youProduct Item Type: GameProduct Rating: E (Everyone)

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