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Gumshoe: Nintendo NES
Gumshoe: Nintendo NES

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Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Gumshoe is an interesting gameplay experience brought to you by the developers at Nintendo. This game is for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and requires use of the NES Zapper. The protagonist is Mr. Stevenson. His daughter has been kidnapped by the mob boss King Dom who writes in a ransom letter that he must collect the five Black Panther Diamonds and hand them over within twenty-four hours if he ever wants to see her again. The controls are quite unique: Mr. Stevenson walks to the right on his own. If you want him to jump shoot him with the NES Zapper. When enemies appear on screen shoot them. Shooting Mr. Stevenson does not drain bullets while shooting anything else does. Collecting balloons restores ammo.

Product Item Type: Game

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