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Ms. Pac-Man: Super Nintendo SNES

Price: $19.99
stock price: 19.99
stock price: 19.99
Product Publisher: Midway and Namco
Product Platform: Super Nintendo SNES

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Product Code: 1103

Buy Ms. Pac-Man for Super Nintendo (SNES) and take control of Ms. Pac-Man as she tries to gain points eat fruit and eat or flee from the numerous ghosts blocking her way. Ms. Pac-Man will need to eat dots and gain points throughout the game constantly moving to eat the power-pellets that will cause the ghosts to change their behavior make them edible and lose their ability to hurt and kill Ms. Pac-Man.>When you buy Ms. Pac-Man for Super Nintendo (SNES) you will be able to travel through the different stages of mazes move through the warping tunnels and eat the dots power-pellets and fruit each granting a different number of points to Ms. Pac-Man.>So buy Ms. Pac-Man for Super Nintendo (SNES) today and help Ms. Pac-Man move through the mazes and achieve the high score!> Product Item Type: GameProduct Rating: E (Everyone)

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