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Prince of Persia : NES
Prince of Persia : NES

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Prince of Persia is easily one of the most iconic video games series there is and this is where it all started. That�s right this is the very first Prince of Persia game ported to the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).  The Sultan�s most trusted political advisor Jaffar has taken control of kingdom and threatens his daughter. She either marries him or is executed.  The man she loves our hero is thrown in the dungeon and must make his way out and up to the palace tower and defeat Jaffar in less than sixty minutes! If you love platforming games you�re in for a treat; this game is magnificent. The developers of the game used a technic called rotoscoping to make the heroes movements seem more realistic and it shows.  The heroes body moves just like a real body would whether he�s jumping running pulling himself up onto a ledge or fighting with a sword. 8-bit fans will be blown away

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