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Jet Li: Rise to Honor Playstation 2
Jet Li: Rise to Honor Playstation 2

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Product Platform: Playstation 2

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Rise to Honor features a cinematic presentation designed to mimic an action film, with no loading screens and sections of the game split up into "scenes". A DVD-like chapter selection menu allows the player to go back to any past scenes once they have been cleared previously.

Played from a third-person perspective, the majority of the game is a beat-em up, with the player using the right analog stick to direct blows at enemies. The game also features a number of levels where the player uses firearms with unlimited ammunition. During levels, the player constantly builds up a store of adrenaline, which the player can unleash to perform powerful hand-to-hand combat strikes. An alternative is, when using firearms, the player initiates a temporary slow motion bullet time mode similar to the video game Max Payne. During the firearm scenes, you can hide behind various objects such as garbage cans and walls.

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