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A Nightmare on Elm Street: Nintendo NES

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Do you like scary movies? Do you remember A Nightmare on Elm Street? It was hard to be a kid in the 80's and not have a nightmare about Freddy Krueger. You now have the opportunity to take him on yourself on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). You are a student from Elm Street High. You must collect Freddy's bones so that you can burn them in the high school's boiler room and defeat him once and for all! When the meter at the top of the screen depletes you will fall asleep and enter the dream world. Spend yoo much time dreaming and you may have to face Freddy! Finding coffee can refill you meter. Radios found in the dream world will wake you up and return you to the real world. You will find power-ups in the real world that you can use only in the dream world. One such power-up lets you high kick and throw ninja stars! If you have a multijack NES Four Score or NES Satellite you can play cooperatively with up to four players! This horror classic makes a true video game classic!Product Item Type: Game

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