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After Burner: Nintendo NES

Price: $18.99
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stock price: 4.99
Product Publisher: Sega
Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Product Code: 165

After Burner is a flight simulator and shoot 'em up for the Nintendo Entertainment System developed by Sega. You pilot an F-14 and try to shoot down as many enemy fighters as possible while avoiding getting shot down yourself. You can spray enemies with bullets or take them down with a limited number of missiles. Your ammunition is refilled every few levels. The environments though sparce change with each level so you will not feel as though you are looking at the same screen for the whole game. The third-person perspective is helpful in that it helps the game maintain a degree of simplicity; you will get used to the gameplay very quickly. If you love flight simulators then you'll definitely want to get your hands on this title!Product Item Type: Game

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