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Air Fortress: Nintendo NES
Air Fortress: Nintendo NES

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stock price: 7.99
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Thisclassic gameis literally out of this world! Air Fortress for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was developed by HAL Studios. HAL Studios would go on to create the iconic Kirby franchise and would develope the Super Smash Bros. series of fighting games. The story of Air Fortress is very typical of a science fiction game. The people of the planet Farmel lived peacefully until the appearance of mysterious and destructive air fortresses near their air space. It is up to you to destroy every one of the air fortresses and return Farmel toa state of peace. Air Fortresses is like two games in one because there are booth shooting levels and platformer levels. To get to a fortress you must first fly to it shooting enemies and dodging lasers in a manner very similar to Gradius. You will have the opportunity to collect power-ups during this game mode that can help you in the platforming phases. Once you've made your way into the fortress the platforming begins. You will have to destroy enemy robots before they destroy you and find and destroy the core of the fortress. To make things more stressful you will have to find your way back out of the fortress before it explodes! Can you navigate the air fortresses and save Farmel from a deadly alien forceProduct Item Type: Game

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