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Alpha Mission: Nintendo NES
Alpha Mission: Nintendo NES

Price: $14.99
stock price: 14.99
stock price: 9.99
Product Publisher: SNK
Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Product Code: 170

There seems to be no shortage of scrolling shooters for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). If you can't get enough of them then you might want to consider buying this game. Alpha Mission developed and published by SNKis a vertical scrolling shooter that plays similar to Xevious. You will have to attack aerial enemies as well as bomb enemies on the ground. What sets Alpha Mission apart from Xevious is the power-up feature. Power-ups can upgrade your weapons thus making your ship more powerful. You must face a boss at the end of each level. Bosses can be pretty challenging so you'll have to be in constant motion to avoid getting blown up! Alpha Mission makes a fantastic gift for any shooter fans. Do you want to take on another alien menaceProduct Item Type: Game

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