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Cobra Triangle: Nintendo NES
Cobra Triangle: Nintendo NES

Price: $9.99
stock price: 4.99
stock price: 4.99
Product Publisher: Nintendo
Product Platform: Nintendo NES

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Product Code: 1041

Cobra Triangle is a motorboat combat and racing game for the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) developed by Rare the developers behind Killer Instinct and Dokey Kong Country. You captain a boat through various courses going over ramps and shooting enemy boats. Each level has a different mission. You might have to race to the finish or collect pods. You can collect power-ups which will strengthen your boat and give it new abilities. You'll have to keep and eye on your damage guage and the time remaining while dodging and destroying enemies so be prepared for some serious chaos! You'll have to face a boss every few levels so be prepared for some difficult fights! Think you can handle Cobra Triangle

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