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Demon's Crest: Super Nintendo SNES

Price: $199.99
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Product Publisher: Taito
Product Platform: Super Nintendo SNES

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Product Code: 1014

Demons Crest for the Super Nintendo (SNES) is a gaming greatness! You are the demon firebrand and you are on a quest to uncover all of the elemental Crests. Legend says that when the crest of Earth Fire Water Air Time and Heaven are combined the Crest of Infinity will appear giving its wielder infinite power and the ability to takeover all realms! Firebrands nemesis Phalanx has stolen the Crests leaving him with only s shard of the Crest of Fire. Upon falling back to Earth Firebrand begins his quest to reclaim the Crests and take vengeance on Phalanx! This platformer does have some RPG elements and levels can be replayed upon acquiring new Crests which will open up different routes. You will be blown away by the high quality of the music as well as the dark and grizzly atmosphere. Think you can handle to power of the Crests?

Product Item Type: Game

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