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Donkey Kong 64: Nintendo 64
Donkey Kong 64: Nintendo 64

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Buy Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64 (N64) and help Donkey Kong and his ape relatives save their island home from the ruthless King K. Rool who is attempting to explode it with his Blast-O-Matic! In Donkey Kong 64 the King's ship crashes before he is able to succeed and since he knows the Kongs are on their way to battle him he kidnaps some of them and steals their life giving stash of bananas to hinder their mission.>>>When you buy Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64 (N64) you will be able to play each of the members of the ape Kong family as they travel across their island fighting the Kremling army collecting bananas and finding keys they will need to defeat each level's boss.>>>The Kong family and their island home need your help! Buy Donkey Kong 64 for Nintendo 64 (N64) today and help them in their mission to destroy the Blast-O-Matic and defeat the villainous King K. Rool!>>> Product Item Type: GameProduct Rating: E (Everyone)

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