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Doomsday Warrior: Super Nintendo SNES
Doomsday Warrior: Super Nintendo SNES

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Doomsday Warrior is a fighting game for the Super Nintendo (SNES). An evil wizard has taken control of a group of fighters known as the Doom Squad. One member of the Doom Squad betrays his allies and fights them in an effort to save the world. The fighters each have different attributes and special attacks. Once you defeat your former allies you face three bosses including the evil wizard bent on destruction. You have three different play modes. Easy Game and Normal Game see you facing your old allies. You get bonus power-ups after each match based on how much health you had left. You can choose to strengthen different attributes like your kicks or punches for instance. In Vs. Game you get to go up against a friend and see who makes the better Doomsday Warrior! Care to save the world again?

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