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GN Twin

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stock price: 39.99
Product Platform: Sega & NES

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The GN Twin Video Game System has separate circuitry and card slots for the NES and Sega Genesis System allowing it to play games for both consoles. It features a single-pole double-throw power switch with open position; the switch can be thrown to 8-Bit (NES) SG (Genesis) or Off.The GN Twin console uses Sega Genesis 6-button-like controllers but cannot use Nintendo compatible controllers and devices such as the NES Zapper peripheral for Duck Hunt. The Sega Genesis-like buttons otherwise map to the NES controller inputs.The GN Twin connects through an RCA connector and can be hooked into a surround sound system. When using stereo and surround output from these systems NES sounds and music may seem very different from their typical mono output. Using output modes that properly generate mono sound either through a single center speaker or cloned to multiple speakers the sound output sounds mostly identical to the original NES.Now you can enjoy both NES and Sega Genesis retro games without looking to replace both of your broken gaming systems. Unlike its FC Twin counter part the GN Twin is not compatible with any controller other than the controllers that comes with the GN Twin.Features:Supports 8-Bit NES & Sega Genesis gamesEasy function switch to choose system modesIncludes 2 controllers AV cable and AC AdapterWhat Comes Packed in:GN Twin Console2 ControllersAV CableAC Adaptor  Product Item Type: ConsoleProduct Rating: E (Everyone)

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